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Specialized Tutors for Exceptional Minds

Student Whisperer

A premier tutoring hub setting up students for success during the school year - and beyond.


We create a learning experience that is EFFECTIVE and IMPACTFUL

Flexible Learning:
Virtual or In-Person
We are driven by a genuine desire to support student success.

Elevate your learning with us – your pathway to knowledge, confidence, and success.

We understand that every student is unique. Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to promote your strengths and foster academic achievements.

Expect customized sessions specific to your learning style and school curriculum. We are here to ensure you excel and thrive in any educational endeavor.









Interactive Learning

Dynamic sessions where lessons are explained to systematically build a solid foundation and understanding of key concepts.

Critical Thinking

Discussions through student participation are encouraged to foster critical thinking and knowledge retention.

Problem-based Learning

Students learn to apply problem-solving strategies to challenging questions and real-world scenarios to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Student Empowerment

This learning environment stimulates academic growth, instills confidence in their abilities and fosters a sense of self-directed learning.


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  • Geometry
  • Algebra 1, 2
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus (AB/BC)
  • Statistics (Academic, AP)

Sciences & Economics

  • Academic Physics (all levels)
  • AP Physics (1, 2, C)
  • Academic Chemistry (all levels)
  • AP Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics

Computer Science

  • AP Computer Science (Python/JAVA/C++)


  • Psychology
  • History, AP World History, AP US History (APUSH)
  • Human Geography


  • English (Academic & AP)
  • Latin (Academic & AP)
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Essay Writing

  • College Essay
  • Research Paper

Test Preparation

Free Practice Test

  • AP Subjects
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • GRE


Our exceptional team is more than just tutors; they are your partners in your academic journey. With deep subject knowledge and a passion for teaching, they’re committed to unlocking your full potential.

I am here to be your advocate guiding you to reach your educational goals. I have helped many students like you, boost their grades and thrive in their academics. My coaching, ability to motivate and share knowledge resulted in significant improvement in my students’ performance, excelling in their coursework and examinations.

The impact of my tutoring was recognized through measurable results and higher grades by one of my many students – their appreciative parent branded me  “The Student Whisperer”!  It resonated with me deeply and became the core mission of both my team and myself, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to effectively engage with and educate our students.

Maya El Hariri, PhD
Lead Tutor & Founder of The Student Whisperer


 A third year Rice University student studying Mathematics and Classical Studies on the pre-med track; passionate about helping students realize their potential, growing their academic confidence, and  sparking intellectual curiosity. 


A junior at Rice University pursuing a dual degree in Chemistry (BS) and Spanish and Portuguese (BA). An aspiring physician and love teaching AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, and AP Psychology


A junior at Rice University studying Economics and Cognitive Science, passionate about tutoring Math and History.

Senior at Texas A&M University studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in computer science
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The Student Whisperer We create a stimulating and supportive learning environment that encourages the students' academic growth and instills confidence in their abilities
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