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Looking for a Physics Tutor? Look No More — Maya El Hariri! You have probably heard of the “Horse Whisperer”, but you have probably not meet the ‘Student Whisperer”. Maya has been so AMAZING in helping our daughter master Physics. Prior to working with Maya, my daughter was challenged by the overall concepts and application of the concepts for her Physics class as a Junior at Cinco Ranch High School. Maya started working with her and we witnessed a material change in our daughter’s confidence and performance. She improved her grades by two grade levels. Maya’s process of tutoring focusing on repetition and positive re-enforcement gave our daughter the confidence and the ability to accomplish everything she needed for the class. Without the level of professionalism and care exhibited by Maya in working with our daughter, we would have had a very challenging and stressful academic year. If you are in need of that extra special touch to help get your student through the challenge of high school Physics, you must call Maya, the Student Whisperer” and watch the magic she can perform on instilling confidence in your student! Who you going to call? Maya the Student Whisperer!

Chantay Parent

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